Matrimonial and Family Services

Brunton and Co are delighted to offer the services of a team with a wealth of experience in family law. We will guide you through all the options, discussing your primary concerns. Our family law solicitors have extensive experience in the whole range of complications surrounding relationship breakdowns including divorce, mediation, domestic abuse, child contact or child residence and parental abduction.

Family mediation is often the most effective way forward. We have all the contacts and experience to set up a programme of productive and cost effective mediation, including collaborative negotiation.

Sorting out the finances after separation can be one of the greatest sources of concern. The law can be very complicated around the area of entitlements and protecting assets. It is essential to obtain sound advice as early as possible to ensure that you are not left unfairly treated and financially disadvantaged.

With our help you can undertake a course of pragmatic, sensible negotiations which will lead to a swifter outcome and less stress.

Next Steps

If you are in need of advice from a qualified solicitor with a personal approach then call us on 01654 703110 or email us at to discuss your requirements further. Alternatively, please complete our enquiry form on the contact page and a member of our team will contact you shortly.